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    With so many models and options out there, knowing what to order is a dizzying prospect. To keep it simple, I would describe three main approaches to design and wave riding: FLAT ROCKER for boards that accentuate glide, FULL ROCKER for acute turning, or MEDIUM ROCKER for a little bit of both. Keep in mind that all of my boards are designed to turn and go fast. You can still surf vertically on one of my flatter rockered boards. Our volume calculator will give recommendations, but please take them as very general suggestions. Board design and volume is a highly individual matter, and it's important to consult with your shaper if you have any doubts or questions.

    With a flatter rocker you will have more ease paddling into waves and gliding over sections that don't offer much speed or power. The board will just go without much effort. What creates glide is a flat bottom curve, a straighter outline, and appropriate width. These attributes tend to work against turning, so we balance the glide factors with bottom contours like vees, concaves and good edges so you can still lay down a carve or hit the lip. If this sounds like what you are looking for, check the Flatso, Hogfish, Nutbuster, Puck or Tabloid. They are all very different.

    The Flatso is a performance fish best fit in the 5' to low 6' range.

    The Hogfish has to be our truly most versatile all-around board that will go in anything. It can also be ordered and customized in any size from small hotrod in the 5' range to funboard in the 7' or even 8' range. Be sure to talk to me when expanding the parameters. 

    The Nutbuster is a GREAT all around shortboard if you want to go wider with more volume than what the pros currently ride. It features a flat to vee bottom with a flat deck contour. If you were surfing in the 80's, you know what I'm talking about. The stock Nutbuster has a wide tail for smaller waves, but imagine one for the winter with a pulled in tail to handle more juice!

    The Puck is on the border of full volume flatness to medium rocker versatility. The nose of the Puck is pulled in and the rocker is lifted compared to the Hogfish, but it remains pretty flat between the feet. It really is the perfect blend between a performance shortboard and fish.

    The Tabloid is our answer to the funboard, but with plenty of performance built in. It would be a great board for the beginning/intermediate surfer graduating from the Wavestorm to a hard board (as would a blown up Hogfish), for the longboarder who wants a smaller board to be able to duck dive, or for a shortboarder who wants to sometimes rise to the top of the paddle battle with a board that can still be thrown around. It's great to have a board like this in the quiver. They are extremely versatile.

    If you are looking for a medium rockered all around shortboard or step-up that will go in most waves you will encounter in California and most anywhere else, you have been surfing for a while and have a pretty good idea of what you like. For this category, check our Magic Carpet, MC3, and Ratboy models. They are all close relatives of each other and you can read about them individually for the differences.

    For the all-around shortboard for quality waves, look at the Tomahawk and Millenial models. I could probably put the Tomahawk into the medium rocker department, but for the sake of differentiation, I'll say it's between the Magic Carpet and Millenial in terms of rocker. 

    For Powerful waves, the Slabslayer has a Magic Carpet rocker, a full volume entry, a pulled-in tail, and is ridden the same length as or a little longer than your regular board. The TRP has more of a Tomahawk rocker, but with lower entry, shallower concaves, a little vee, and is ridden longer than your regular board. 

    One thing to keep in mind is that the possibilities are endless, and all of these models can be adjusteded to your liking. Or you can get a handshaped board that is uniquely customized for you. Please send an email if you have any questions!