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    Iam Geoff Rashe and I started shaping in 1989 while earning my BA at UC San Diego. After college I shaped boards in Spain, Argentina and Peru, before returning to settle in my hometown of Santa Cruz. After shaping boards for my friends in my garage for a while, I worked as a production shaper for Pearson Arrow until going off on my own to found M10 Surfboards in June of 1996. My business took off as the orders poured in. We dominated the Santa Cruz performance surfing scene during that time while building tons of boards using innovative techniques and advanced designs. There were so many hot surfers riding our boards that demand grew nationally and internationally. Business contracted during the recession of 2008, but I have continued to build boards all along toward the resurgence we now see. Thousands of boards later, M10 remains a prominent brand and a cornerstone of high performance surfing in Northern California.