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    At M10 we believe that every surfboard is as unique as the individuals who ride them. We all move and express ourselves in ways unlike any other person on the planet, and our boards must jibe with us as we harmonically connect with the energy. Surfing is a mindless, present moment activity. While riding a wave, we shouldn't have to think about our surfboard any more than we think about our knees or hips while walking. It should be an extension of our selves, intuitively and effortlessly taking us where we want to go on the wave.

    As surfers we are naturally environmentalists and need to respect our planet and the life that it affords us. That means we must reject the wasteful mass production of disposable surfboards that is the norm of our industry. The most environmentally friendly board is the one that is built with minimal waste, gets ridden extensively and lasts years, not months. We achieve this by always putting performance first, coupled with using the best materials available, applied with top craftsmanship, putting quality over quantity.

    Only surfers make our surfboards, and they deserve to earn a living wage for their labor and passion. The boards that we all ride are the result of decades of endless effort and experimentation by surfers. This industry and craft is part of our culture and heritage as surfers. Mass produced surfboards made by low wage workers overseas are the result of the corporate greed of capitalists vying to profit off of us. We reject the infiltration of big capital into our lifestyle. We stand for surfboards made by surfers for surfers.

    M10 has been in business since 1996, and we have had successes and failures along the way. But through it all, we have learned that highly customized boards that last years can still be produced domestically for a reasonable price. Every surfer should feel like their board is magic and have the confidence that he or she will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Surfing is so simple; a surfer, a surfboard, and a swell. It is a remarkable expression of our individuality in the natural world. This is our credo.