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    Start by selecting a model 

    Check out our base models by visiting our Boards page. Here you can read up on the details of our designs and make the right choice. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure about which model is right for you. 

    Get started

    After you decide on a model, click on "Create A Custom" on that model's page to begin designing your custom board. 

    Product image
    Product image

    Design your custom board 

    Select your custom dimensions, tail shape, volume, glass job, fin setup and colors. Click on the head icon to enter your surfer profile to get recommended dimensions. Keep in mind that the recommended dimensions are a generalization that might not apply to you at all. If you aren't exactly sure about any aspect of your board, please use the Consult shaper feature to get in touch with us. 

    Founder image

    View your board in 3D

    The round buttons below the board offer different views. Click on the "3D" circle to preview an image of your board as though you were in the shaping room. You can spin and flip it around without getting fingerprints on the blank! You also have the option to download an image of your board. 

    Ready to Order?  

    Click on the "Order" button to checkout. Once you have ordered your board, Geoff will contact you to make sure the details of your order are accurate and on point. In-person meetings are available when necessary. Custom boards are available in 4-6 weeks. A special 2-3 week rush is available at checkout for polyester boards for a $100 fee. We offer free local pick up at Pacific Wave in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, or ask for an in person pick-up from Geoff in Santa Cruz.