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    Here's a little lesson about Yoga. People who don't know might think that Yoga is about stretching, when in fact it is a discipline focused on the pursuit of the unity of the individual with the universal consciousness. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit meaning of the word "yoke", or to join. I was actually going to simply call this model the "M10 Egg", but the original was a yellow/orange color and a friend said I should call it the "Yolk". But since Yoga is so much more cool that eggs and yolks, I decided on the "Yoke". You could say that the Yoke is a design that flows and glides freely and effortlessly in a way that unites the surfer with the energy of the ocean. Or you could just say that it makes surfing easy and fun in nearly all conditions. From a design perspective, it isn't like your average kooky egg. It is pretty flat, which makes it paddle and glide well, but since M10 always has been and always will be about performance, it has a rail profile and bottom contour that make it turn and be an overall quite shreddable stick. From a soft vee in the entry to a double concave from the middle through the tail, the Yoke is made to glide and cruise, but also cut back and hit the lip. As truly versatile of a design that  it is, I see it a key component for any Northern California quiver.